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Your Dream Wedding Venue


The Easy Way to Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

When it comes to weddings, one of the most important things is always the venue. Because this is probably the most important decision you will have to make about the wedding, you will have to find your dream venue before you make a lot of other decisions, as the tone and style of the event, the bride’s dress and the menu have to fit in with the general theme and feel of the venue.

You will have to dedicate quite a large portion of your wedding planning to finding the venue that will be able to provide you with everything you wish for, and you have to realise that very few wedding locations will be able to provide you with all the things on your wish list. But before you rush out to find a location, here are some tips that will make the process so much less daunting and a lot easier!

  • It’s your day, so have it your way! Think about the general feel and theme that you want. It can be romantic, it can be an African sunset, it can be an ethereal experience in a marquee with lights and baubles, and it can be everything you want. Decide on what is important to reflect the feeling you want for your day. Do you want small and intimate, or do you need a large, glamorous event?
  • Set your budget: Once you have decided on the feel and theme, see how much money you have available to spend. Your location will usually be the biggest expense, especially if the venue includes all the decorations, food and entertainment. Get a solid idea of your budget before starting to look at venues. This will prevent you from falling in love with a venue that you cannot afford.
  • Make a list of priorities: Once you have made a decision about the budget and the atmosphere you want, you can make a list of the things that you consider the most important. Do you need a romantic garden for the perfect photo opportunities? Do you need a venue for a beach wedding? Do you want a themed wedding? Consider all the important features of the venue you want in order of priority, and print out about 10 copies of this, so that you can tick off the things you want most while looking at venues.
  • Find venues in your budget range: Start doing some homework and call or email some venues in the area you want to get married in. It is essential that the venue is easy to reach for all guests, and if any guests are flying in, it is best to be close to an airport. If you live in Gauteng, places like Hartbeespoort Dam are perfect, as they provide the perfect country feel, while still remaining close to the city and to two international airports.
  • Do the tour: If possible, find venues that are located close together. This means that it is best to decide on an area that is rich in spectacular venues, so that you will be able to drive from one to another easier, while you are venue hunting. Book out days where you are relaxed and not pushed for time. It may help to book off some time from work in order to spend some leisurely days to find your dream wedding venue. Once there, take out your checklist and mark off all the services and items that you have considered important. Take some pictures (if allowed) and at the end of the day, score all the venues you have visited in terms of desirability and practicality. Then decide on the venue and book as early as possible!


How Villa Paradiso Can Help

As a result of the very convenient location of our luxury country villa in Hartbeespoort, we have hosted many weddings, and we are your dream wedding venue with everything we can provide to make it spectacular. Because we are considered one of the prime wedding venues in Hartbeespoort, we have all the facilities, staff, wedding resources and specialists that you will need to create the most perfect wedding day. We are also able to accommodate you and your guests overnight, so that travelling after the event won’t be troublesome. Our fantastic breakfast will set everyone up for the day and prepare you for your honeymoon trip of a lifetime. Give us a call to arrange your visit today!