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Wedding Venues at Harties


How to Choose from Among the Many Wedding Venues at Harties for your Special Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you want everything to go according to plan. Guests must be happy, the dress has to be spectacular, and the right venue is incredibly important. The venue can make or break the day, and choosing well when it comes to wedding venues is vital. The venue should reflect the romance of the day and blend seamlessly into the event. If you want to get married at one of the wedding venues in Harties, you should be aware that there are many to choose from. Because the venue must ensure that the wedding remains memorable for all the right reasons, we offer you some tips on how to choose the best wedding venue for your wedding.

Choosing a Wedding Venue at Harties

The wedding venue will be one of your first decisions as a couple, and it is important that both of you agree on the type of wedding. The venue should fit in with your personal styles and the overall feel of the wedding.

  1. Make a checklist: Talk to each other and decide what both of you regard as important at the venue. Once agreed, make a checklist to take with you when you go venue hunting. Compile the list in order of priority, with the nice-to-haves at the bottom of the list. Every time you visit a venue, take the checklist with you and tick off the facilities and other items on the list. Venue hunting can be confusing, especially if you see a few venues over the course of a weekend. The checklist will allow you to reflect on what is available and which wedding venues at Harties would be best suited to your tastes.
  2. Set a budget: The wedding venue is probably your biggest expense because it usually includes the reception and catering. Set the budget carefully and stick to it. If you do fall in love with a wedding venue that is above your budget, you will have to cut back on other things, like the flowers or number of guests. Alternatively, set a budget and find a venue that can accommodate all your guests within that budget. How you want to manage this is your choice, but starting with the number of guests and the budget will provide you with a framework. It also depends on how flexible you are, and if you look at venues well above your budget, you may suffer the heartache of not being able to afford it. There are many wedding venues at Harties to choose from, so stick to your budget per head.
  3. Choose a date: Some couples have their hearts set on a particular day for a reason, perhaps because it is the anniversary of the day they met, or the wedding anniversary of happily married parents, or a particular day like Valentine’s Day. Those couples need to call around first to shortlist only the places that can accommodate them on that day. It does, however, help to be flexible with the date if you want a bigger choice of wedding venues. Harties is a very popular wedding location, so it will help if you narrow the wedding date down to a particular fortnight or month, if you are willing to take any available dates within this timeframe.
  4. Decide on style: The wedding venue you choose should reflect the theme or style of the wedding and the personalities of the individuals getting married. Those who prefer a more modern style with contemporary décor will be better off at less traditional venues with a modern touch. For purists and traditionalists, it is best to choose typical country settings and romantic gardens.
  5. Photo opportunities: You will be hanging on to your wedding photos for a long time and it helps to find a venue that presents wonderful photo opportunities. People are generally attracted to the countryside atmosphere of Hartbeespoort, and the surrounding nature, mountains, and dam provide great photo settings. Villa Paradiso has romantic English-style gardens and a gorgeous manor house, and it is situated at the edge of a lake. Here you will find ample places for stunning shots!


If you are looking for one of the most perfect wedding venues in Harties for your special day, give our team at Villa Paradiso a call today.