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Symposium Venues the Vaal


Looking for Symposium Venues Not Too Far from the Vaal?

If you are looking for a symposium venue near the Vaal that will intrigue and excite your delegates, Villa Paradiso is the place. Because we are so close to Pretoria and Johannesburg, we are easy to reach and we provide all the facilities and conferencing abilities you need. Villa Paradiso is located at Hartbeespoort, which is a short drive away from the city, and your delegates will be enthralled with the natural beauty and the lovely drive here. Not only is there a large dam and an abundance of activities to partake in, but there is also a hub of modern shopping centres, restaurants with delectable menus and lots to see and do!

Attending or Organising a Symposium

People from all over the world love to attend these functions or events that generally centre on an academic topic. Not only do the attendees learn more about their interests, but they also get good opportunities to network. Symposiums usually attract people who are really interested in their field, and often subject experts attend or speak at these events. It helps to hone already established skills, and because symposiums are often attended by some of the industry leaders and subject matter experts, they allow interested parties to interact with people who have truly mastered the art of their industries. It also provides the ideal opportunity for people to learn in a new environment that is unencumbered by the normal day-to-day work problems. Taking someone out of their comfort zone is often beneficial because they tend to learn to deal with fresh ideas and new concepts without being bogged down by their normal beliefs.

Another benefit of attending a symposium is that one can learn new ways of organising and working. Because real, hands-on approaches from the industry leaders that are knowledgeable about your business are provided, it helps you to gain knowledge that is specific to the industry, and to curate new ideas that can help attendees to excel in their particular fields. A larger form of focus is also required and often classic techniques have to be relearned in order to take their businesses to a new level. Cutting through old clutter in order to get a hold on new techniques and knowledge really propels the true professionals into the next phase of their careers.

But it is not only about knowledge – often a new energy is needed in order to propel people to the next level. Our symposium venue is not too far from the Vaal River region and allows others to absorb and work with the energies of individuals that are truly like-minded and to strengthen concepts and motivation to reach difficult goals. People who are happy to get out of the office and to learn from each other are less stifled by the challenges that everyday life throws at them, and this allows them to increase their knowledge and resolve. A more intimate learning environment allows for better knowledge transfer and better interaction with true subject matter experts.

Why You Should Choose Symposium Venues on the Vaal

Just a stone’s throw from the city, the Vaal is one of the large natural beauties of the area. The Vaal River and Vaal Dam flow through Gauteng and the Free State and we are relatively close to this region. Because these areas are so rich in bird life, fauna and flora, there are many establishments that provide ideal symposium venues near the Vaal. The Vaal, like the Hartbeespoort Dam where we are situated, provides ample opportunity for water sports, fishing and relaxation, and both offer ample symposium venues to choose from.

One of the favourite conferencing and symposium venues near the Vaal is the Hartbeespoort Dame venue, Villa Paradiso. Because we have so much to offer our clients and guests, we are the provider of choice for many high-profile companies for their events. We are conveniently located at Hartbeespoort, and the natural beauty, the efficiency of our staff, and the comfort and luxury provided to our guests ensure that Villa Paradiso is one of the most sought-after symposium venues near the Vaal.

If you are in the process of organising a symposium, team-building week, or conference, looking for a venue that is easy to reach for all delegates, and one that can provide you with all the comforts, luxuries, equipment, and facilities your delegates will love, just give our very welcoming team at Villa Paradiso a call! We will be happy to help you organise a successful event.