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Harties Accommodation


Choose Harties Accommodation for your Next Team-Building Exercise!

Business managers know how a team-building experience can increase the communication of their teams. They become more motivated, get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to work better with the people in their teams to achieve a common goal. With so many businesses in Johannesburg and surrounds, so it makes sense to find a venue that is easy to reach, yet far enough away to remove your employees from their everyday environments in order to give them the time they need to relax and engage informally with the team-building efforts that you have planned for them. Harties accommodation is highly desirable; it is close to Pretoria and Johannesburg, and because there are so many experienced team-building consultants in this area, it makes sense to choose Hartbeespoort for your next team-building or corporate experience.

Because teams tend to change, with employees leaving and entering the business all the time, and certain employees not really being properly introduced to their team members, working together with a lot of people can become a challenge. This adversely affects the bottom line and productivity levels of the organisation, and it is in the best interest of the business managers or business owners to enable team members to get to know each other better and to experience each other in an environment separate to the office.

Choosing a Venue for your Team Event

  • Convenient location: While it is advisable to get your team away from their everyday environment, it may not be practical to take them too far away, and this means that the distance to the venue matters. For those who live in Gauteng, Hartbeespoort is an ideal location because it offers easy and quick access to the city and it is within an hour’s drive from both international airports. This means that even if you have team members arriving by air, they can be transported to the team-building venue with ease. Villa Paradiso often hosts these types of events and will be able to help arrange transfers for your team members. There are also many activities and interesting things to see and do in the area, and this means that your delegates will never be bored, even during off time or after hours.
  • Natural surroundings: Hartbeespoort has a distinct African feel and is a tranquil area where your team members can truly experience getting away from it all, even at a corporate event. Nature here is beautiful, from rocky cliffs and mountainous terrain, to the glistening surface of Hartbeespoort Dam, and there is a relaxed countryside atmosphere.
  • Comfortable accommodation options: If you want your team members to enjoy the team-building exercise, you must provide them with accommodation that suits their needs. Ideally, the Harties accommodation you select must be able to house all the team members in comfort. It also helps if the establishment can host some of the team-building activities on site, which makes it easier (and cheaper) to get all the delegates together at the same time, without the need to transport delegates from one place to another. Villa Paradiso boasts 52 luxurious double rooms and some executive suites that will please even your most discerning guests.
  • Facilities: The venue of choice must certainly have all the facilities you need to pull off a successful team-building event. This means that they should be able to meet your conferencing needs too, and this may include a central venue and breakout rooms where delegates can meet. Audio-visual equipment must be available and Internet access is crucial. We have six conference rooms that can accommodate up to 180 delegates with ease. In addition, we are in the process of constructing a brand-new conference facility that will be able to seat more than 250 delegates.
  • Service levels: If you want all your team members to enjoy the experience, you should find a venue where the service is excellent and where the staff members are helpful and friendly. If you are looking for Harties accommodation where the management and staff members will go the extra mile to ensure your comfort, Villa Paradiso is the place for you.


If you would like to book Harties accommodation at Villa Paradiso for your next team-building event or conference, please just speak to our friendly team!