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Why You Should Take a Weekend Break in One of the Best Guest Houses in Hartbeespoort

While taking time off work and going away for a while sounds wonderful to most people, they often find excuses not to do this. They don’t have enough time, there is too much work to do, the children have sports days, they don’t feel like the hassle of packing and unpacking, they don’t like to travel to the unknown, the list goes on. There are far too many excuses that prevent them from taking an opportunity to get away for a rest. But there are actually reasons why a rest or a break away from normality should be considered crucial.

  1. All work and no play: A lot of people work incredibly hard and don’t take time off to enjoy the rewards of their work. Why do we work so hard if we cannot enjoy some time off and spoil ourselves now and then by taking a weekend break in one of the best guest houses? You don’t have to go far – if you live in Gauteng, you are only a short drive away from wonderful areas with great guest houses in Hartbeespoort, Muldersdrift and Magaliesberg. Remember that life is often shorter than we think, and we really need to take some time off to remember how good life can be, instead of slaving away day after day with no reward.
  2. Change your perspective: It is easy to get stuck in a rut when there isn’t much change in our lives. We run on autopilot according to routines, schedules and restrictions that we impose on ourselves, and we constantly repeat the same patterns and cycles. This doesn’t leave much room for fresh thought, especially when we are bogged down with problems. Going away for a weekend allows us to move out of these cycles, some of which can be quite destructive, and to gather a fresh perspective on our lives and problems. Moving out of the normal routine can kick-start a new mindset that you can seriously benefit from, and you will be able to re-think certain things, and perhaps even solve problems more creatively and effectively. New environments also bring new ideas into our lives and this provides great fodder for new business ideas or new lifestyle changes. It also reminds you that life is more important than your to-do list!
  3. Meet new people: Often, when we go away for a weekend to stay at a guest house or to take part in certain activities, such as waterskiing in Hartbeespoort, we find that we tend to interact more with new people. Some good friendships are forged in this way, and at the very least, you get to chat to someone new who perhaps can provide a different perspective on the way they handle their lives. We need people around us, and interacting with the same people all the time can dull relationships. We also tend to live our friendships through social media and online interaction, even though face-to-face relationships are extremely important. So, why not invite some of your friends and organise a weekend stay at one of the best guest houses in Hartbeespoort, where you can take part in activities and socialise together?
  4. Recharge those batteries: Sometimes, we don’t even realise that we are running on empty, and it is very necessary to take a break in order to relax and rest. Employers have realised that employees are more productive after some time off, and they also return refreshed and more motivated. It is so important that we recognise our need to rest, to take time out with family or friends, to reconnect with people in a relaxed environment, and to recharge our batteries.
  5. New discoveries: Every time you go away to a new place, you will discover something different to enjoy – a new guest house, a new activity, a new area that you love, a new lifestyle or new people. Constantly making new discoveries turn us into more interesting people with a better zest for life and a larger comfort zone. Moving out of that comfort zone is necessary to build confidence and to show us what we are made of. So get out and make some new discoveries this weekend!

If you are keen to get away and to stay at one of the best guest houses in Hartbeespoort, give our team at Villa Paradiso a call. Our establishment is situated on the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam, and we offer you the perfect place for that relaxing weekend break.