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Money Saving Tips for Affordable Weddings

Planning a wedding is not an easy or cheap experience. Anyone planning a wedding, regardless of whether you are inviting 10 or 1 000 guests must have a budget set in place and be plan well in advance. One of the first things that you need to think about after saying “yes” and deciding on a date is choosing the wedding venue. This must be done as early on as possible, as the race for the best venues is something that every couple should fear – it’s a real thing and many couples end up disappointed as a result of waiting too long to confirm their booking and pay their deposits.

If you’re looking for options for affordable weddings, choose your venue first – get that out of the way, then there are various other ways that you can cut back and save. If you are saving with your wedding planning, you can get away with a gorgeous wedding day, on the budget that you have in mind. Don’t assume or be eager to accept that the items you want to use must be expensive because it’s for a wedding. Below are a few tips and ideas on how to save on the costs of your wedding:

  • Choose a wedding venue that offers in-house catering. Bringing external caterers in can often cost a great deal more! At Villa Paradiso, for example, the venue is owned by a catering company, and couples are presented with a variety of top-notch menus to choose from.
  • Avoid getting married on the weekend or public holidays. If you are having a late afternoon or evening wedding, your guests should still be able to come on a Friday! You will find that venue hire fees and services for weddings are typically more expensive on the weekends or public holidays.
  • Host your wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue. This means that your guests can go on to enjoy their welcome drinks, while you have photos taken nearby. This saves you on stress and transport, and the venue will ensure that all of your guests are happy. At Villa Paradiso, you can host your wedding ceremony in the chapel and host the reception in the restaurant or even outside. There is a variety of options available at this Hartbeespoort venue.


  • Get a friend to handle the music. Hiring a professional DJ is great, but most venues will already have a sound system for you to make use of and if you have an idea of the type of music that you and your guests like, you can really get the party started without having to pay a fortune for it.
  • Get creative with your meal. You don’t have to serve a 3-course dinner! Times have changed. You can serve creative menu items, such as kebabs, sliders, finger foods, and even pitchers of beer and cocktails. There’s no need to rack up a huge food bill – you can really save here if you are clever.
  • Be tricky with your cake. There’s no need to have a 6-tier cake for your wedding. Not every guest will have a slice of cake. Have your baker create fake lower layers. If you really want to save, do away with the wedding cake completely. Cupcakes are a great and affordable way to treat each guest. Chocolate bar towers are also quite a good idea.
  • Cut back on your flower costs. Florists will indeed charge you an arm and a leg to arrange your flowers for your bouquet and to decorate your wedding venue. If it’s an affordable wedding that you want, choose a Hartbeespoort venue that is naturally beautiful and acquire your own flowers. This could save you hundreds – even thousands.
  •  Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be strictly a wedding gown. As soon as you label anything “wedding” it tends to shoot up in price. Look around at dress styles that you love and have a local seamstress make your dress. You will find that you can literally save thousands on your wedding costs in this way.

Affordable weddings held at a gorgeous Hartbeespoort venue are certainly possible and we hope that these tips will help you to creatively cut back on potentially exorbitant wedding costs. To learn more about hiring our wedding venue, please contact us at Villa Paradiso today!