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Events in Hartbeespoort

Events in a Paradise Known as Hartbeespoort

It is time for you to arrange a conference, seminar, corporate meeting, product launch, training, awards or team building event out of the office and away from home base, so why not come to us in Hartbeespoort? Surely it makes good sense to go to paradise, which is how many local residents and out-of-towners describe our area?

Hartbeespoort is the perfect place to host events and get away from the hustle and bustle of Gauteng’s city life, with its dreadful traffic congestion and daily pressures. Hartbeespoort is closer to Mother Nature in all her glorious beauty, but with the added bonus of all the home comforts and amenities which modern living offers for even the most discerning business traveller.  

Harties and Hartebeest

Fondly referred to as Harties by South Africans from all over the country, Hartbeespoort probably gets its name from a natural passage between two of the mountains in the Magaliesberg range through which early settlers observed Hartebeest passing frequently, since the name translates as “passageway of the Hartebeest”.

This large antelope is reddish-brown in colour and reaches weights between 120kg-150kg when fully grown. Adult bulls are territorial and have a shoulder span of some 1.3 metres and both genders are characterised by a sloping back, long, narrow head and a pair of lyre shaped, ringed horns.

Red Hartebeest typically roam in herds of up to 30 in their preferred habitat consisting of grasslands with medium height growth, since they are grazers. This species prefers dry to arid and semi-desert conditions, but was re-introduced by game farmers into many game farms and reserves countrywide, so their population is now more widely spread than in many previous years.

Climate and Vegetation

Harties’ region is known for its wonderfully moderate climate – days are warm, even in mid-winter, although it can become very hot during the day in summer, when evenings are warm and balmy. During winter months, temperatures drop considerably at night, but because our village is nestled in the dam’s basin at the foot of the Magaliesberg, we are relatively protected from the effects of the Highveld’s winter wind chill factor.

Sub-tropical plants in gardens flourish here, while the indigenous vegetation is largely that of the bushveld. The rural region north of Hartbeespoort Dam is mainly agricultural, featuring extensive citrus orchards and flower horticulture. Numerous roadside nurseries are very popular with Sunday visitors, who stop to browse and buy healthy plants for their gardens at home.

When approaching Harties from Gauteng, the southern slopes of the mountains one passes are covered with multitudes of giant aloes, which are put on their best display in winter when the dun coloured veld is dry, since this is a summer rainfall area.

Aloes are a protected species and it is easy to see why – succulent, thorny dull grey-green leaf blades surround a magnificent bright orange spear shaped flower, a sure sign that winter has arrived and the southern Magaliesberg slopes are dressed for the season.

Tree species include wild olive, wild gardenia, white stinkwood and towards the north, Marula and wild fig trees, thorn trees and bushveld scrub. Red hot pokers, Natal Gladiolus and hardy tree ferns, wild herbs and numerous other species are also indigenous to the region.

Magaliesberg Activities

The Magaliesberg mountain range extends from Pretoria to the Pilanesberg and is said to be the most ancient range in the world, featuring numerous deep kloofs or steep-sided valleys and ravines, many of which provide great rock climbing and abseiling opportunities. The area is also well-known for its historical and archaeological sites.

A modern aerial cableway to the top of one of the mountains is a hit with visitors and tourists, who get an awesome bird’s eye view of the Dam and its surrounds from there. Hang-gliding enthusiasts also use this facility before taking off into the wide blue sky.

Other attractions in the Magalies/Harties area include a cheetah farm and conservancy, hot air ballooning, water sports and sailing, game farms and nature reserves, a zoo and snake park, a golf estate, working cheese factory and heritage sites, to name only some.

Event Attraction

Taking the beauty, quality lifestyle and host of activities right on our doorstep into account, it is no wonder that we decided to establish our luxurious 4 star hotel, wedding, conference and event venue right here, in our little piece of paradise, Hartbeespoort is perfect for all functions and less than an hour’s scenic drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg, Gauteng’s corporate and residential heartland.