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Conference Venues Near Hartbeespoort Dam


Looking for Conference Venues Near Hartbeespoort Dam?

If you are planning a conference and you are looking for a convenient yet stylish venue for your conference to take place, you simply have to consider some of the conference venues near Hartbeespoort Dam. Because of its close proximity to the city, Hartbeespoort is starting to become one of the most popular conferencing venues in Gauteng, and there are many other reasons why this area is becoming so popular with conference organisers, wedding planners, and private individuals alike! Here are some of the reasons why you should choose one of the conference venues near Hartbeespoort Dam:

  • Easy to reach: It is close to two major airports – the OR Tambo International Airport is set about 90 minutes away from the area, and Lanseria International Airport is even closer. This means that your delegates arriving by air will be able to reach your conference destination with ease. Nobody wants to drive long distances after sitting on an aeroplane, and conference venues near Hartbeespoort Dam provide the perfect balance between getting out of the city and a short trip to the country. The national road networks here are also well maintained and provide an easy and convenient drive that is not difficult to negotiate, even for those who are not familiar with the area.

  • Natural beauty and countryside ambience: Because we spend so much time in the office and in busy cities, it can be liberating to get out of the usual atmosphere and rush of things to bring a new perspective to many different business challenges. Being out in the country allows your delegates to relax and interact in a manner that is more relaxed and creative. Choosing conference venues near Hartbeespoort Dam ensures that attendees can immerse themselves in the experience of moving away from the everyday humdrum of the city and that they can invest their time in creating a more meaningful experience in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Nature always brings with it certain benefits, and being able to recline on a river bank or have a braai on the green slopes next to a large body of water can be hugely inspiring. The beauty of the whole experience at Hartbeespoort is that it is so close to the city, yet it feels so far away! Here you and your delegates can feel that you have left the city behind and focus on the tasks at hand in a completely different milieu.

  • Great variety of conference venues: Because Hartbeespoort has gained a reputation as a great conference venue location, there is a wide range of establishments to choose from. Anything from stylish and exclusive enough for any pernickety VIP exec, to affordable yet comfortable accommodation and conferencing facilities for a high number of delegates can be found here. Conferencing has become a huge industry in South Africa and as a result, you will have access to some of the best conferencing establishments in the country in this area.

  • Access to resources: The popularity of the conferencing industry here has means all the resources needed for a successful conference are offered. This means that you will have access to all the important technology at the conference venues near Hartbeespoort Dam. Everything you need can be sourced nearby – from conference planners to conferencing equipment, furniture, décor, catering, accommodation, special effects, sound and vision equipment, DJs, and live bands. Because most of the conference venues here regularly host conferences, they also have their own preferred suppliers and you won’t struggle to find exactly what you need to ensure the success of your conference.


Choose Villa Paradiso!

Because we are located so close to the city and the surrounding nature is so beautiful, we are regularly chosen to host conferences and other events like weddings, birthdays, team-building events, and awards ceremonies. The fauna and flora provide the perfect backdrop for any conference, and the majestic Magalies Mountains preside over the dam. Here you will also find a wide range of water sports, including water skiing, boating, and fishing, and even just sitting on the banks of the river can provide the perfect place for a team picnic. If you are looking into conference venues near Hartbeespoort Dam, give our team at Villa Paradiso a call today!