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Conference Venues in Hartbeespoort


Why Choose One of the Conference Venues in Hartbeespoort With Accommodation?

Everybody knows that the location of a conference venue can have a huge effect on the success or failure of a conference or tradeshow. Often the venue takes precedence and business managers do not pay much heed to the accommodation portion of the package, but if you are offering a comprehensive conferencing plan with accommodation included, you have to ensure that it measures up to the standard of the conference. It can make or break the entire conferencing experience. It can also have a huge impact on how your company is perceived – after all, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Superior accommodation just serves to enrich delegates’ experience of the conference and how they view your business afterwards. Conference venues in Hartbeespoort are becoming very popular, and while there are a lot of outstanding establishments out there that provide really great conferencing facilities, they do not always pass the accommodation test.

On-site accommodation makes things far easier for everyone involved. Not only does it save the delegates and conference organisers the cost of transport to remote accommodation at the end of the event, but convenience plays an important role. Being able to retreat to nearby private and comfortable accommodation provides everyone a chance to catch their breath after a busy day. Having your own space where you can regroup and relax after a hectic conferencing session can make all the difference, and this is what all conference organisers should aim for. It is not only about making the conference sessions and content palatable, but to provide a pleasant after-hours experience as well.

Everyone who has been to a busy conference realises the value of being able to retreat into silence, unpack their suitcases, and be able to put their legs up for a while after the busy-ness of the day. It helps to ground us and feel comfortable about staying over, even while we are removed from our usual environment. Sometimes being removed from our comfort zones can be great, but only if the experience provides us with the same or better comforts than we have at home. Ideally, we should experience a sense of indulgence and comfort when we are away from home in order to make it worthwhile, and this is why it is vital to choose carefully when it comes to conference venues in Hartbeespoort.

There are many other reasons why on-site accommodation is so important to the success of your conference:

  • Ease of movement: Because delegates usually travel to get to your conference, the last thing they want to do when arriving is to be subjected to travelling schedules and transport rosters. A lot of conference venues in Hartbeespoort, such as Villa Paradiso, provide delegates with the option of stepping out of their rooms straight into the breakfast room or the conference venue. This creates an environment of ease and convenience, and nobody frets about missing a shuttle or arriving late. Having your accommodation in the same venue as the conference is infinitely preferable to booking accommodation further away.

  • Savings on transport: If you have to transport your delegates to and from the conference, it will cost money. You simply cannot afford to let delegates pay for this transport and as a result, it is better to have the accommodation within walking distance of the action. Keeping the accommodation on site means that you will not have to deal with shuttles and timetables, and your delegates will love you for it.

  • After-hours’ activities: Because all the delegates are accommodated in the same place, it provides them with the ideal opportunities to relax and socialise while networking. Being able to enjoy dinners or drinks together after the conference allows your delegates to socialise and relax, and also to make use of the opportunities to meet new and interesting people who can help them to forge ahead with their businesses.


If you are looking for one of the best conference venues in Hartbeespoort for your next conference, give our team at Villa Paradiso a call before considering any other options. You will be astonished when you see what you we can offer you at really affordable prices!