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Conference Venues with Accommodation


Four Reasons to Choose Conference Venues with Accommodation on Site

The location of a conference can have a direct impact on its success. Often conference organisers focus so much on the venue where the conference itself will take place – the type and size, the catering that can be provided, and the style and location – that the accommodation is overlooked. While there are many conference venues in South Africa that that may be excellent in many ways, not all of these provide accommodation on site, and often the accommodation booked in another establishment can be unsatisfactory or does not match the style of the conference. This means that, while delegates may enjoy the conference and find it highly informative, they may dread going back to their accommodation, and this may be the lasting impression they form of your company or your conference overall. You only get one chance to create a first impression, and as a result, you may want to consider only considering conference venues with accommodation on site. Here are some of the reasons why it is preferable to have on-site accommodation rather than off-site accommodation:

  1. Convenience: Transporting delegates from one venue to another is cumbersome, especially if they come and go at different times. Arranging shuttles can be a bother and expensive, and it is virtually impossible to ensure that all delegates arrive on time. A shuttle full of late delegates can delay the entire programme, and delegates may grow weary and irritated if they must wait for transport to their accommodation at the end of a long day at the conference. It is a lot easier to have the delegates’ accommodation on site, and in this way, they only have to walk out of their rooms to get to the conference venue on time. This makes it more convenient for the organisers and for the delegates all around. It is also possible for delegates to take some time out during breaks and they can retreat to the privacy of their rooms when they need to have a rest. You also have access to an on-site banqueting team that will take care of all aspects of your conference, including your accommodation.

  2. Cost-effective: Usually, conference venues with accommodation will be able to provide different packages that include everything – from meals and conferencing facilities to accommodation, and often it is cheaper to get everything at the same venue. Where more than one venue is involved, it can be more difficult to negotiate discounts, and the value you get from an all-in-one conference package with accommodation is usually a lot better than conference venues that do not provide accommodation. It is also a lot more cost-effective if you do not have to pay for shuttles or rental vehicles to transport delegates back and forth every day.

  3. Standards: The standard of the conference venue and the accommodation will be the same. Because the same team manage the entire venue, they see to it that everything works together as a package, and that the standards they maintain apply throughout all facilities and accommodation at the venue. This means that your conference venue and your accommodation will be of the same standard and that you don’t have to worry about what your delegates may be experiencing at their accommodation, once they leave the conferencing venue.

  4. Evening entertainment: After the conference, there is an opportunity to organise evening entertainment or team-building exercises, dinners, or to just socialise. Conference venues with accommodation make it much easier to get your delegates together in one place after the conference, and after the event, the delegates only have to walk a short distance to their rooms, instead of waiting for shuttles and being ferried to and fro. The conference venue can also be used for these events, and in the morning, it can be transformed back into the conference venue. This provides a whole range of possibilities in the same space that are a lot easier to manage.


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