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Affordable Harties Accommodation


Looking for Affordable Harties Accommodation for a Great Team-Building Event?

Business people have started to appreciate the value of good-team building exercises and as a result, more business managers are embracing team-building activities as a way to improve the performance of employees and teams and to help them communicate better with each other. Team-building activities often help the individual members of the team to become better acquainted with each other, and also to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the members of the team. This helps them to function better as a unit and make them more motivated and productive. There are many organisations in the Gauteng area and it makes sense to find a venue that is easy to reach for all delegates, yet still far enough away from the usual humdrum of the city to remove your employees from their daily environments and comfort zones so that they can experience the value of time away from their daily routines. Being away from it all translates in easier engagement with each other, with the programme, the agenda, and the team-building exercises.

Hartbeespoort is a sought-after venue for team-building exercises and activities, and as a result, there are many establishments to choose from in this area. The trick, however, is to find affordable Harties accommodation that can provide you and your team with everything you need without blowing your budget. Not only is Hartbeespoort close to Johannesburg and Pretoria, but it is also very beautiful. The banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam provide the perfect spot for relaxation and peaceful interaction, while water fans can enjoy many water-based activities.

Because employees leave and new ones arrive all the time, the dynamics of a team can change substantially in a short space of time. Team-building exercises help the team members cope with these changes and make the best of the team that surrounds them. Getting to know the team members in challenging circumstances quickly builds a team rapport – something that is not easy to achieve in the normal dynamics of the work environment. Smart business managers know that a team-building exercise is not something that should only be done on occasion, and that it is vital to the performance of the team, and therefore team building should be conducted at least twice per year.

The venue of the team building event is extremely important. While the team-building exercises form the focus of the event, you cannot allow your employees to feel short-changed by inferior facilities, food, and accommodation. In fact, this will defeat the purpose of the team-building exercises. Smaller companies seldom have big budgets for team building, yet they still need to make use of the benefits that team building can provide.

Choosing Affordable Harties Accommodation

Of course, you do not want to travel for hours before reaching the destination – you want your team members to be fresh and relaxed when they arrive. Keep the travel distance as short as possible while moving as far away from the city as possible. At Hartbeespoort, you are less than one hour’s drive away from Johannesburg and Pretoria, and from two major international airports. This means that, even if your delegates arrive from international destinations, they can reach your team-building destination with ease. Villa Paradiso at Hartbeespoort Dam is one of the most sought-after establishments because we do not only offer affordable Harties accommodation, but also outstanding team-building opportunities. The natural environment at Hartbeespoort helps employees to step out of their usual environments and enjoy different surroundings. Because Hartbeespoort has a countryside ambience, it is a world away from the city and the humdrum routine and traffic. There is also a wide range of activities to take part in here, which means that your delegates will always have something to do – even after hours.

Best of all, the accommodation we provide at Villa Paradiso is affordable, yet very comfortable. We pride ourselves on our modern executive suites, and even during conferences, delegates have their own spaces to relax and regroup. We provide fine dining and ample seasonal fare prepared by creative and experienced chefs, for everyone to enjoy. If you are looking for affordable Harties accommodation for your next team-building event, just give our team a call today!