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Affordable Guest Houses Hartbeespoort


Looking for Affordable Guest Houses in Hartbeespoort?

If you live in Pretoria or Johannesburg, or anywhere in between, you will know that Hartbeespoort Dam is one of the most sought after holiday and weekend breakaway spots in the area. The reason for this is mostly because it is so close to the city and it is easy to reach, but it is also because there are a number of affordable guest houses in Hartbeespoort. Some of these are, of course, more desirable than others, but at Villa Paradiso, you will be absolutely surprised at the bang you get for your buck. Our standards are high and our prices are low, and you will be delighted with our service and facilities when you visit our establishment at Hartbeespoort.

Why Hartbeespoort is So Desirable

People love to go to Hartbeespoort for all kinds of reasons, and these include:

  • Close to the city: Because this area is within easy reach for most of the inhabitants in Gauteng, it provides the ideal spot for a weekend getaway, family vacation or romantic weekend. It is also a prime destination for conferences, weddings and other events, because it is so close to the city and less than an hour’s drive away from both international airports in the area, which makes it easy to reach for anybody arriving by car or by air. When it comes to weekend getaways, people generally don’t want to drive too far, and Hartbeespoort is the perfect distancer away.

  • Natural beauty: Even though the city is less than half an hour’s drive away, the natural setting here makes it possible to forget all about the busy-ness of the city and the city lights. This is a typical African bush setting and the Highveld fauna and flora, and the stunning Magaliesberg and the wide watery expanses of Hartbeespoort Dam provide great backdrops to beautiful African sunsets and sunrises. The atmosphere is tranquil and peaceful, and many affordable guest houses in Hartbeespoort provide all the luxury anyone could want during a weekend at Harties!
  • Host of activities: Here you will never be bored, because there is so much to do for the whole family, and everybody will have fun! The activities include:
    • Water sports on the dam: Because the dam is so large, it provides the ideal arena for any water-related activities. Here you can ski to your heart’s content, pull some big ones from the water with your new fishing rod, camp on the banks, sit under the trees while enjoying a picnic, go rowing or kayaking, swimming or just hang out and admire the sunset from the grassy slopes next to the dam. It is possible to rent a boat or a Jet Ski and spend hours on the water. There are also thrilling speedboat rides for adrenalin junkies who like to move a bit faster across the water.

    • Wildlife parks: There are a number of game parks in this area and here you can interact with a cheetah at their protective breeding facility, or learn more about other animals such as the tawny lion and African wild dog at the Chameleon Village Lion Park. There is also the Hartbeespoort Dam Snake & Animal Park that will allow interaction with snakes – to the great delight of most kids! The Elephant Sanctuary provides the perfect place to learn more about these majestic beings and give you an opportunity to contribute towards the protection of all of these animals.

    • Horse riding: There is a variety of horse riding trails around the dam and there is no shortage of spectacular sights on the way. If you are a lover of horseback riding, this is the place to be and all levels of riders will be accommodated on horses that suit their particular needs. Short outrides are best for inexperienced riders, while the longer trails are highly recommended for fit riders.

    • 4x4 trails: With the natural setting here being as rugged and wild as it is, there are a lot of great trails for 4x4 enthusiasts! Choose from an array of trails that suit your driving ability and 4x4 experience level, and explore some new territory.

    • Mountain biking and hiking: Nature is spectacular here and the surroundings of the dam and hills can be explored by mountain bike or by hiking. Trails of all levels exist for those who like to get out a bit more and experience nature first hand, while getting fit at the same time. Some physical exertion is always recommended while staying here.


If you are looking for affordable guest houses at Hartbeespoort Dam, give our team at Villa Paradiso a call. Our beautiful guest lodge provides you with a variety of accommodation types and we will sure that you get value for your money. Call us today to book your accommodation.